Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fun At The Little Gym

Hunter just loves his TLG class.  I'm so glad he enjoys it as much as I enjoyed working there.  He especially loves his Miss "Ruh" (Sarah).

I love watching him participate in the opening circle and closing circle.  He loves to shake the shakers, put them away, slap the mat at the end and clap.  It is amazing to see how much he has learned; he knows the routine, he knows that during exploration when we start to clap and sing he should find Miss Sarah (sometimes he does not want to participate in the skill, but we still make him go and watch what is being shown).  He is now starting to try to do a donkey kick.  I have a video on my phone from home, but he isn't lifting his leg in this one.

His favorite things to do lately are walking on the balance beam, playing on the rings, and "sliding" down the cheese.  Here are some pictures from our class on Saturday.

He was so excited!


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