Friday, September 9, 2011


I'm a lot a little late posting this.  I was catching up on my Hunter time.  But here are some pictures from the week before.

 Carl and I took Hunter to MacArthur Mall to play in the play place.  He loves to run around in there.  All the things are padded.  He will definitely tell you when he is finished; he walks over to the gate and will say, "Out."

 Some of the fun on the other side of the gate (no quarters needed to entertain).

 Hunter enjoyed a Popsicle on his tray.  I was impressed he didn't seem bothered by his hands getting so cold!

 Katie getting ready for an "action" shot behind Air.

Carl sent me many pictures while I was in D.C.  This was just one of them.  Hunter likes to go under the kitchen table and sit on the rails.  He also likes to straddle Koal (Koal tolerates it for a little bit, but then decides to stand up and walk away).

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Awww. So cute.