Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hunter loves playing on top of Daddy's truck.  He thinks it is just so funny to run back and forth (with Carl holding onto his arm of course).  This day, Hunter and Carl matched (and it wasn't planned)

Don't mind me, just sitting in my monkey chair in the middle of the road (we are at the end of a dead end street, so the only traffic is our 3 neighbors past our house).

We have been spending our afternoons outside.  On Friday, the temperature dropped.  It may not have exactly been hat weather, but I have been waiting all summer for Hunter to wear his new hats!  He loves his hats and didn't complain one bit.  Do you see the rock in his hand?  He has to pick up 2 rocks every time we go outside.  We have quite the collection on the front porch.

We played with sticks at TLG this week.  Sarah was holding the box, and I asked Hunter what was in the box (before we sang the song... if you go to TLG you know what song I'm talking about... the one that tells you what you're about to play with) and he yelled, "Sticks!"  He followed the directions with minimal prompts.  I love how much his receptive language is growing!

We went to L's 1st birthday party on Saturday.  She was eye balling his sippy cup (along with another little girl).  Hunter would turn to the side, and say, "No!"

On Saturday evening, there was a baby sprinkle in honor of Kelly and baby Alyssa.  She got a lot of cute stuff.  I just loved when she put the outfits and hats on her belly.  I cannot wait to meet little Alyssa!

A few things to note about this picture.  Hunter has heart stickers on both feet and both hands (he insisted on this).  He is dipping green beans in ranch (because he wanted "dip-dip" and I wasn't going to give him ketchup... again).  The piece of sandwich under his arm has little finger holes in it because Hunter apparently thinks his finger is a fork.  He will poke his finger through foods and put them in his mouth that way.  He is a character!

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Aww! Love your pictures!