Thursday, September 22, 2011

15 Months

He is just so big.  Where did my baby go?  What am I saying, he will always be my baby, but I mean, where did my little, stationary baby go?!

We went Monday for a photo session with BeniBee Photography.  Here is a little sneak preview (there will be more on this later).  This is a picture for his 15 month update.

We go for his check-up today after I get off of work.  I can't wait to find out how much chunk-munk has gained.

At 15 months, Hunter:
-is wearing 18-2T clothes.  He is quickly outgrowing the 18 month shirts and onesies.  We are on our last thing of size 4 diapers and just got our first shipment of size 5.  He is still in a size 5 shoe (although we bought size 6 at Stride-Rite).
-'s expressive language is expanding every day.  I have been working really hard on two-syllable words and two words put together.  He will occasionally do these, but tends to stick to one-syllable words.  His receptive language is amazing.  I would say he understands about 90% of what we say without any cues or prompts.  We are working on following two-step directions (like I said, CRAZY MOM).  Poor kid, he will never get a break from this!
-is almost running.  He can do it barefoot, but still has difficulty in shoes.  He tends to fall on the concrete when he goes fast.  We have a few boo-boos from recent falls outside.  I am definitely not a physical therapist or orthopedist, but I am very concerned with how bowed his tibia/fibulae are and how his ankles seem to be compensating for this.  I think this might have a little to do with how much he falls when he is trying to gain speed.  I've spoken with our PT at school and I am going to mention it to our pediatrician tomorrow when we are there so he knows I am concerned.
-All 4 of his molars have popped through.  He has another top tooth coming in.  Pretty soon we will be able to do a little bit chewier of foods.
-is definitely a routine kind of kid.  The other day I stayed a little later at work and our sitter said Hunter walked up to the door right around the time I usually pick him up and gave a pouty face because my car wasn't in the driveway.  He also knows that when we get in the car from her house he gets his juice and snack.  As soon as he is in the car he yells "drink" and "nack".
-loves to feed himself!  We can usually only get a few bites in with us feeding him.  After that we have to give him is fork/spoon so he can feed himself.  This eventually ends up with him using his hands, but at least he is eating.
-loves all animals.  He chased a dog at the photo session, he went crazy in the pet store, and chased L's cat all around her house.  I love how much he loves animals (Mommy loves animals too)!
-is rarely biting now.  We sometimes have to remind him to give kisses as he is coming up to our pant let with an open mouth.  Sometimes he sneaks one, and we say "ouch" really loud and set him down (if we're holding him).  He knows to say sorry and give us a kiss.  He does occasionally hit the dog, but will immediately say sorry to him.  Koal doesn't even flinch.  He is such a great dog with Hunter (except when he knocks him over trying to chase him/kiss him/sniff him).
-is really trying hard to do a forward roll by himself.  I have a feeling that will come pretty soon!
-still loves his TLG class.  He knows the routine before the next part comes.  We used sticks last week, and I asked what was in Miss Sarah's box and Hunter yelled, "Sticks!"  I was very impressed he knew what was in there without Sarah taking them out!

He is just the love of my and Carl's lives!

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