Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

One year ago today (August 16 2008, if you didn't know), this happened:

My best friend and I were married! It has been a great year. There may have been some times when one of us made the other mad (ahem.. Carl), but that is to be expected. As one of my clients at the traumatic brain injury center said, "Making up is the best part, that's why I fight with my significant other." Moving on...

We did eat (take a tiny bite) of the delicious (freezer burned) wedding cake. And after we savored it (held our nose as we chewed, and chugged water afterward), we ate a piece of 2 day old cake from the same bakery. Now that was delicious!

We played some putt-putt (never go to the golf course by Ocean Breeze, it is not as fun as it looks), lounged by the pool, went an ate at Ninja, a Japanese Steakhouse. We ended the night by stopping by 7-11 for gas, a pickle (for Carl), and a Slurpee (for me). Carl came back to the car, tried to start the car and it wouldn't start. Sigh. I guess you can't have a perfect day, can you? Hopefully it is just the battery and not the alternator. I guess we will find out if this battery mysteriously dies.

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