Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To Farmville and Back

So it has been a crazy couple of days...

Thursday I finished up my internship at the traumatic brain injury center. Yay! Some of them were sad, some gave me kisses on the cheek (I even got some denture gunk left on my cheek as a departure gift.. eww), some of them just didn't get it.

Friday: Koal and I went to the beach with my sister's and their dogs. We met up with my friend Katie and her dog Riley while we were there. Koal isn't much of a "retriever", he just likes to swim around, checking on people, and laying in the surf. Later that night I went out to my friend's house for a "graduation" get together (they just finished up their last semester of grad school... I still have 2 more, boo!).

Dogs on the way to the beach.. Kai, Kona, Koal (l-r)
I don't think Koal was trying to get the toy, just making sure the other two were okay
Sister's last day in VB
Girls at Dawn's
Saturday: I worked all day, so nothing exciting.

Sunday: Carl and I went to my parents' house. We swam, we went and hit golf balls with my dad and sister, and then hit some softballs.

Monday/Tuesday: Mel, Natalie, and I drove with baby Molly the 3 hours to Farmville to take Natalie to Longwood. Molly did really well and we only had to stop once. Natalie thought she was still in Norfolk when she heard "gunshots" and high tailed it back into the car (shoving us out of the way "Save yourselves!"). It was just the trains bumping into each other. We had dinner that night with her coach (who was Mel's coach when she went to Longwood) and Mel's friend Amy (who also played at Lwood) and her husband. Molly decided that a pack and play was beneath her for sleeping and was up for good around 4 AM (with many other "wake ups"). Poor Mel. When the rest of us got out of bed at 6:30, we got some breakfast, met Nat's roommate and parents, and headed for Nat's physical. Mel and I roamed around campus, finding lots of entertaining things.

She's so excited to be headed on Lwood... still the youngest though and doesn't get shot gun.
It's a tough life... too bad she was awake 45 min. later
Just one of the fun things on campus
The new Lwood player and the one who will probably always be mentioned in any of Nat's write ups, haha.

Nat is all moved in and is now on her own. Apparently, preseason is not what it used to be and Mel has been scaring Nat for nothing. They have their first game in 4 days against VCU. I can't wait for them to play VWC so I can actually go see!

In front of her suite

This is how we left her... so mature

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