Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Fun

I found out that I will be doing my internship at the Harborview CHKD location. It is in Suffolk, which isn't very far from my house. My supervisor has some "feeders" (those who have feeding defenses/aversions) on her case load and the OT there has some as well. I am super excited! I will also be able to go to the hospital and observe swallow studies (when people swallow food with barium and we watch on the x-ray) and cleft lip and palate surgeries!

Thursday I took Koal to the beach (so what if it was raining... you are going to get wet anyways) with Katie and her dog Riley. I just had to show for the record that Riley can be a calm dog (after terrorizing Koal, making him deaf by barking in his ear, fetching a ball nonstop, and running from one side to the other in the car the whole way there and back). But yeah, she was calm at the house.

I also went to my friend Sheela's baby shower with Kelly and Miss Emma. Oh how I love babies and baby shower (and really, any kind of shower). I am the best person to invite to these sort of things. I go a little crazy with gifts. Hence why, for my supervisor's baby shower a semester ago, Ashley had to go with me to Babies R Us and hold my hand so I didn't buy the whole store. I digress... it was a beautiful shower, her friends did a wonderful job, and we all got cute little candles with babies on them. Maybe I will have to light that when Carl and I start trying for babies, maybe it will be good luck.

Congratulations go out to my friend Devyn and her husband Josh. On Tuesday, she gave birth to her first baby, Ella Jean. :] Ashley and I will get to meet her this coming Tuesday and I will be sure to post some pictures. Just another baby to give me baby fever, sigh. Have I mentioned I love babies?! Even my sister's demon children (Ryleigh who suddenly turns into a terror and Molly who doesn't sleep) don't make "good birth control".

I mean, who wouldn't get baby fever from this face?!

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