Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Useless Update

Nothing too exciting has been going on. I have 2 more days left at my traumatic brain injury center. I am sad to leave some of the guys (especially the one I am doing melodic intonation therapy- you sing functional sentences to the tune of a song to facilitate speech). I actually enjoyed this placement, even though I was sure I was going to hate working with adults. It has actually been really interesting. Each one is different, even though they all have had a brain injury. I have learned a great deal from my supervisor. She also has an awesome private practice full of different therapy options.

I did find out I will be doing my next placement at CHKD*, hopefully in the main hospital so I can do NICU feedings and swallow surveys. I have been bugging my director about the placement since I started this first placement. I really want to go observe a cleft palate surgery. My friend Ashley went and observed one and actually got to stick her hands inside the mouths of the patients!! Sooo cool!

Anyways, we are all patiently waiting for Devyn to give birth to baby Ella. Devyn, Ashley, and I went to dinner tonight. I was hoping her water would break while we were out to dinner tonight... but it didn't. :[ Here are some pictures of after dinner.

Can I please look this good 39 weeks pregnant?!

Ashley in her cute scrubs... I get to wear those all next semester! :]

I told you, this was a useless post.

*Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters

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