Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

I passed my National Exam! WooHoo! Now just have to finish [eh, start] my thesis! Once everything gets approved by the review board I am going to need to borrow kids between the ages of 3 and 5:11, so if you know anyone let me know!


On Friday, Longwood Women's Soccer played Virginia Wesleyan College in Norfolk. Natalie started as left defensive back. :] We were so proud of her! She started the play that lead to the only goal of the game! Longwood won 1-0. Katie and Stephen even came to cheer her on. Of course, my dad sat right behind the goal (he brought Nat's dog to the game, and was not allowed inside the fence with him), a classic Dad seat. [sorry, no picture of him, left my camera at home and my phone doesn't zoom]

Proud sisters, sporting Longwood Soccer Shirts
She is the blue jersey closest to the camera


I worked a 12 hour shift at work on Saturday. Crazy! I taught my 2 pre-k classes, we had 2 birthday parties [both of them I got to lead.. first time leading parties], and then we had Parent Survival Night. I am almost finished with my training to lead our Parent/Child classes. Next week I will lead a whole entire class, and if all goes well, the following week (when our fall semester starts) I will have one or two of my own Parent/Child classes.


Sunday I got to have another actual day of summer. Carl and I went out on our friend's boat (cue the music... I'm on a boat!). Yes, we did have our flippy floppies. We went out with Katie, Stephen, and Katie's parents. Katie and I used to go all the time in the summer when we were younger. Back then, we used to love tubing. As we have gotten older, it has become a little less fun and a little more painful. We really like to relax, go watch the dolphins play (and were tempted to jump in a swim with them). This was Carl's second time ever going on a boat, both times have been on Katie's boat. This time we (Katie and I) wake boarded. I had never done it before, and there is a lot to remember [keep your arms straight, keep your knees bent, don't pull yourself up, let the boat do all the work, etc.]. Katie has gotten pretty good, lasting about 30 sec. to a minute up on her feet. I, on the other hand, if/when I got up, lasted about 10 sec. (and that may be a little bit of an exaggeration). I kept leaning forward once I stood up, and the front would go under and my feet would come right out of the boots! (I do have small feet, and they really didn't fit all that well to begin with). Oh well. It was still a great day. This morning I woke up and my neck and shoulders were very sore.

Aww... summer
Stephen had a nice seat
Enjoying the sun
Stephen and Katie
BFFs since 1992, haha

Katie... please note the difference, haha [I swear, there are pictures of me standing, but they are on Katie's camera]

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