Thursday, August 27, 2009

Backyard Campout

Jon and Kate have nothing on Melodie and Tiffany. We didn't need a huge tent or air mattresses to sleep in the backyard! We also were able to read the directions and put the tent up all by ourselves, pretty quickly. We are basically expert back-yard campers. There was no rain; there was no arguments over what outfits the girls would wear or yelling at one another over the possibility of grass stains. No wipes were needed after eating sticky marshmellows.

Yeah, they may have easily started a fire. But they had one of those expensive, fancy fire places. We didn't have anything fancy and we may or may not have needed Mel's father-in-law to build/start/keep it going for us, but really, who would have needed a fire anyways? It was almost 90 degrees.

Ryleigh didn't even want to eat the marshmellows like the 8 Gosselin children, so I'm sure the 47 she roasted and then spit out wouldn't have been a big deal if she never had the opportunity to make them.

And sure, Jon and Katie didn't worry about a crazy man who just escaped from jail finding their tents in the middle of Pungo, uh, Pennsylvania, but they did have a whole camera crew to make sure they were safe. But, it didn't hurt our ability to sleep... much. Don't worry, there was no crazy man visitor, but we did have visitors of a greener kind...

In the end, we had two sleeping girls, cuddled next to each other in the tent. No glow sticks were eaten, nor were the contents spilled all over the tent or the children.

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