Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chicken Soup Diet?

It still sounds a bit crazy to me as well. But, we are going to try this crazy diet. One of Carl's coworkers even checked with his doctor, and gave it the okay. It is a 7-day thing, and every day you are allowed to eat this chicken soup (which you make with specific ingredients). I think Carl is going to starve (which is probably how you lose the weight). But certain days you can eat certain things.

Day one is fruits (but not bananas) and the soup. Drink lots of water. We plan to exercise as we do this, that way, if we lose weight, we will be able to keep it off. We have fallen off the exercising wagon, we were running every day for a long time.

I'll keep you (is anyone really reading this?) up to date on how it is going and if there is any weight lose. Carl and I purchased a scale tonight (I know, can you believe we didn't have one?!). Maybe for your viewing pleasure, I'll even put a picture of this crazy soup. :]

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