Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What were they thinking?

As stated in a previous post, Carl and I did not share the same taste in house color, decor, etc. with the previous owners of our home. Here are some examples:

Brick is the new tile back splash.

Really? Was it necessary to make the bathrooms appear any small?

I felt I needed sunglasses every time I stepped in this room.

So I sometimes don't use a ruler when I hang things, but not using one to center the bathroom light wires.... probably not a good idea.

This is our shed out back.

This is what our shed sits on. I am scared for my life when stepping inside.

And while on the subject of our backyard... was there a point to those?

Anyways... Carl and I have done a lot to bring up the value of the home. We (Carl) have put down Pergo flooring, Berber carpet in the bedrooms, we have re-done one bathroom and are in the middle of re-doing another. I am going to see if I can't sand down the kitchen cabinets and paint them white (if it doesn't look good, we had planned to re-do the kitchen anyways, just trying to save some money) and then get new knobs and counter tops for them. I have no idea if I'm going to be able to take the brick back splash off myself, or if I'm going to have to have someone come in a do that for us (I just don't want to mess up the dry wall and then have to have someone come and fix it anyways). Any takers on taking it down for us? No, no one? Sigh.


The Swanns said...

I thought that was your little backyard patio?! You know...to add a cute little breakfast table for two out there and enjoy the old lady with her tube socks swatting flies :)

Tiffany said...

haha... and her orange fly swatter?

The Tidy Brown Wren said...

Gosh Tiffany, I'm so proud of you. Starting a remodel AND a blog at the same time.