Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blackberry Pics

Hunter likes to stuff his mouth full of food (and just keep stuffing it).  He got very upset with me when I took the food off of his tray until he finished what was in his mouth.

Hunter and I went to the Children's Museum with a bunch of friends.  Hunter had a good time playing and exploring.

We went to Roger Brown's for lunch after the museum.  Hunter enjoyed sharing a meal with M (and putting all the rice back on his side of the table).  Roger Brown came and chatted with us, super nice guy.

I gave Hunter a Plum Baby food in the car because he was screaming hungry.  He did awesome with the first one and started screaming again, so I gave him another.  He was being very quiet and when I got to a stop light I turned around and saw him squeezing it out.  This is what he looked like when we pulled into the driveway.

We went to Jessica's triplets' 1st birthday party.  Hunter enjoyed a red bell pepper.  He is definitely my child!

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