Thursday, July 28, 2011

Change (the good kind)

It is amazing how much your child can teach you in just 13 months and how much you shape your life around your child.

-Slow down.  I'm a fast walker.  I like to get where I'm going in the least amount of time possible.  Hunter, on the other hand, likes to take his time and look at everything.  He even likes to go back and check an object out again.  At first, I would pick Hunter up and be on our way.  Then I realized that maybe I needed to slow down and take it all in.
-Appreciate small things.  Hunter is amazed by everything.  The other night it was my tongue and teeth (and the fact that they do not come out of my mouth).
-Your friends.  Unless they have kids or are around kids enough to understand everything that comes with a child (you know, like naps, eating schedules, bedtimes, etc.), you don't really get to hang out.  The friends we hang out with who do not have kids understand Hunter's need for his routine and will typically come hang out with us at our house (because that is where all of Hunter's things are) or they have a pretty child proof house for us to go to.  The rest of our friends have kids.  We have even made a lot of new friends we have met at The Little Gym.
-Schedules and routines.  I'm very type A.  I love schedules and routines.  I didn't realize how much of one I didn't have until Hunter came along.  I know exactly when I need to have dinner finished (or at least his dinner), what time I can push nap to, or when I can lay him down for an early nap.
-Don't take everything seriously.  This goes two ways.  Have fun with everything (even food and milk) but don't get offended easily.  It took me a while to not get a little heartbroken when Hunter wanted nothing to do with me when Daddy was around (or asking for Daddy when I go in and get him in the morning).  He doesn't do it to be mean, he has seen me all day and just wants to be with Daddy. I'm learning to be okay with that.
-Knowing how to help others.  Carl and I are helpful, but until you have a child you don't really know exactly how to be the most helpful to someone with a child.  We have now learned what we can do to help at birthday parties, dinners, etc.

I'm sure there are more, and I will probably add some as we go along in life.  I wouldn't trade having Hunter in our lives for anything.  He is an absolute joy and we love every minute of it.

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Brittney said...

All of it is so true! I have worked hard to not be offended, sad, or upset when the kids call for their Dad. I mean, I am with them all day! But, he's not and I know that they miss him - and he's probably more fun anyway!

Yesterday I went to get Reese out of bed in the morning and she said, "No, not you! I want Daddy! Or Wyatt!" Ouch!