Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Week Fun

The Wednesday leading up to Easter Sunday was a very exciting one. For a couple of months now, some of the staff at The Little Gym has known that our program director, Sarah, was in for a special treat. The Easter Bunny came to visit the gym. He brought little eggs for all of our dancing students (in the middle of Miss Sarah's class). He even had two eggs just for Sarah. :]

"The Easter Bunny gave me a love note"... little did she know
She said yes!

On Easter Sunday, Carl and I went to my parents' house for a big brunch. Both my sisters, brother-in-law, and the girls were there. Natalie hid Easter eggs for the girls to find (I'm not sure who had more fun... Natalie or them), we watched Kaylee "roller blade" (I use that term lightly), and everyone played on some "antique" toys.

Hunting for Easter eggs

Like I said, everyone enjoyed the antique toys.. Clip Clop The Wonder Horse
Enjoying the beautiful weather

And sticking with the belly painting tradition, I let the girls paint my belly like an egg. I had these wonderful thoughts of how it would turn out. There were beautiful fun lines, neat, separate colors, exactly was a Type-A Easter Egg would look like:

But, the girls had other ideas. They had fun and really enjoyed it, so it turned out just perfect.

You can check out my sister's blog for more pictures.

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