Monday, April 19, 2010

9 Reasons Why I Shouldn't Go To The Circus

1) Because I take pictures of a packed back seat; they are just preparing to be clowns packed in a tiny clown car.

2) I found these guys creepy, especially how they would straddle unsuspecting victims.

3) My sister and I couldn't help but giggle when we saw this guy. And how could you not when they kept calling him "Nano".

4) I kept thinking, "If they drop that stick, it is coming right at us and we will be dead or severely injured."

5) I just found it odd watching these two guys do some of the things they did.

6) I was secretly hoping that the tigers would get this guy one good time. Obviously, I didn't want them to attack him and scare the kids for life (okay, maybe when he was practicing when no kids are around). I'm a big animal person and I just didn't like the whip; they are wild animals and if they don't feel like performing they shouldn't be forced. I think that is why I love watching the Busch Gardens animal performances. One, all those animals are rescued, not captured, and two, they always tell the audience if an animal doesn't want to perform, they don't have to.

7) The whole time these guys (they got 7 of them total in this metal cage) were riding around, I was hoping no one would mess up. I was just thinking about the traumatic brain injury they would all suffer if something happened (and then all the therapy they would need to receive, and then it brought me back to my internship in the TBI living center).

8) I was secretly hoping that the trapeze performers would mess up. And, when they were trying a stunt that in the history of the circus has only been completed successfully 4 times, it happened. I didn't get it on video, by my sister did.

9) I kept thinking if my ears were ringing, the animals had probably gone deaf.
Ryleigh actually took a picture with a creepy clown.

And this is how she spent most of the show....

eating cotton-candy.

Thanks for allowing me to tag along guys! I had a good time watching the girls enjoy the show!

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