Tuesday, April 13, 2010


At least twice a month, we have a staff meeting on Fridays at The Little Gym. So, it wasn't a surprise when Sarah scheduled one last Friday. It was a little strange that the meeting was an hour later than usually (Rachael contributed it to one of our high school staff members wanting to come to the meeting). Luckily, I didn't show up early (like I typically do); although I did show up in bum clothes.

I walked in and was definitely surprised! I wasn't expecting a shower at all! I love the group of ladies I work with and the family I work for. They really are like an extended family. Hunter got lots of good stuff and cute clothes. Miss Danielle even got me a container of my favorite Passion Tea from Starbucks! :]

Here are a few pictures... please don't mind the chub face, glasses plus the hair up has never been flattering and the pictures prove this theory.

The yummy zoo animal desserts Danielle made

Sarah got Hunter his first DVD

Mmmm... Passion Tea. Oh, and some awesome books

Ashley made these. How cute are they?! I told her we will have to make him a brown one that he can wear to her wedding. :]

Rachael's diaper cake

Ash and Rach

Had to take 2 group shots so everyone could be in the photo

Well, everyone except Randy.

Thank you Sarah, Ashley, Rachael, Eleanor, Randy, Ann, Danielle, Erin, Carly, and Meredith for a wonderful shower!

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