Monday, April 11, 2011

Surprise! TLG Style

Remember how my awesome coworkers at TLG threw me a surprise baby shower for Hunter?  Well, Miss Rachael planned a big surprise bridal shower for Miss Sarah (we is getting married the day after my birthday, we are super excited for her!).  Rach did an awesome job and Sarah was surprised!  She brought beer to her own shower, haha.

Sarah got some good stuff and had help opening gifts from C.  I just loved her pink hat!


We played some games.  I must say, Rach, Ali, and I made a pretty nice toilet paper dress.  I think we could run a business.... Attention brides!  If your wedding dress FAILS on your wedding day there is no need to worry!  We will make you one out of toilet paper.  Only available in white.  haha


Sarah also had to get dressed, blindfolded, in clothes that weren't hers.  This was very entertaining.


*There is this huge space in the post (at least it is showing up in the preview), but there isn't a huge space in the editing part.  Not sure what is up with that.  My apologies if it posts like that.

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