Monday, April 11, 2011


We have Anthem through my work.  We had Anthem through private insurance.  I am very angry with Anthem at this moment.  I think we pay enough (and have paid enough) for them to reimburse the children's hospital for our local area fairly.  We take Hunter to an affiliated pediatrician.  If on June 1 there is no agreement, he will not be able to go there (unless we pay out of pocket).  I already have his 12 month appointment set.  Ugh.  And I'm not exactly sure what they expect us to do if our child has an emergency... take them to one of the local ADULT hospitals?  So frustrating.

Anyways... my point is... if you have Anthem (and even if you don't and want to help make a difference) check out CHKD's website here and call the phone number and talk to Anthem.  I've already called to complain, but will be doing it again tomorrow, armed with more information.


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