Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Hockey Game

We were those parents last night.  We took Hunter to the 7:15 Admirals hockey game (in our house, Hunter takes a bath by 7:30 and is down for the night around 8:00).  We weren't sure how he would be... would the noise keep him up?... would he be super cranky?.... would he just fall asleep on us?

Carl and I met Ashley, Chris, Mitch, and Callie (did I spell her name right?) at the game.  We were in the nose bleed section.  We were at the very top... it doesn't look so steep as you walk up the steps, but once you look down, you realize you are way up there.  I will admit that Ashley and I were both questioning if a hockey puck could still make its way up to the top.

Hunter really enjoyed the lights at the beginning of the game.  He was more interested in people watching (just like Mommy and Daddy) than actually watching the hockey players.  He did watch them for a little while.  He was very much about Daddy last night... but I did manage to snuggle him and so did Ashley.

And Hunter feel asleep on Carl, a little later than his normal bed time, but he did go to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Aww. How fun. Cute photos. Glad he fell asleep for you!