Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bahamas Vacation

We had a wonderful time on our cruise to the Bahamas! Some days were not as warm as we had hoped, but it was good. We left from Newport News on Sunday the 20th. Our flight was suppose to leave at 4, and the airplane wasn't even there when 4 rolled around. We were a little stressed because we didn't have a big lay over in Charlotte. When we landed in Charlotte, we looked like crazy people sprinting through the airport (good thing I was only about 14 weeks pregnant!)... only to get to the gate to find out that our next flight was delayed as well. Oh well, we got some exercise that day, haha.

We boarded the ship in Miami on Monday and cruised to Nassau and arrived on Tuesday. Carl and I went to Atlantis, explored the aquarium, looked for a place to eat lunch for 45 minutes (we ran across a buffet that was $28 a person... I don't know about you, but I can't eat $28 worth of food, much less want to eat that much!), then went on a 60 foot almost straight down water slide. It was a little chilly when we were dry, so when we were wet, it was freezing. We decided one slide was enough, and got our towels and dried off.


Carl loves the Chicago Bulls

The sharks that swim around a tube you go through on the water slide
Top portion of the slide

Wednesday, we anchored off the coast of Cococay. Carl and I were eating our breakfast watching the boats coming from the island to the ship almost tipping over because the water was so rough. It was decided that it was unsafe to try to boat people to the island, and we set sail for Key West. It would have been really nice to relax on the beach and do the Blackbeard BBQ, but I would rather not have been thrown into the rough sea.

Formal dinner
Thursday we were in Key West, and walked for 2 hours around the island. We saw some very interesting people (a pirate with a wooden leg, a guy pushing birds around in a stroller, someone with a lemur, etc.). We then went Jet Skiing in the Gulf of Mexico. The water was beautiful (freezing) and we went for a "swim" (Carl swam, I jumped in, and got right back on the jet ski). The water was really rough, so we didn't go very fast on the ski. We ate lunch at Hard Rock Cafe. It was also the only day we forgot to put sunscreen on, and the only day there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We definitely got burnt that day.

Port of Key West

He had a wooden leg and a parrot (who is hiding behind his head). He rode a scooter around Key West.

Friday we just drifted in the ocean and relaxed. We arrived back to Miami on Saturday and flew back home that night. All in all, it was so nice to go relax and see things we had never seen. It was great to just be able to be together, without our phones and computers :]

We also climbed this 2 story rock wall our first night. It doesn't look that high, but when you climb it when it is really windy, it is pretty scary (also for someone scared of heights!)

We did miss our family on Christmas, but we went to my parents' house the Sunday after to finish up Christmas.

Missed my sister on Christmas

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