Thursday, December 17, 2009


First, let me just say I am sulking in sorrow tonight. I haven't made anything less than an A- since my second to last semester of undergrad. That all changed today. I have a B+ on my graduate transcript... GASP! Sigh. If I weren't pregnant I would probably partake in an alcoholic beverage right about now (maybe I'll just ask my sister to do it for me... wait, she already does that every night, haha). I may try to finagle some points out of my professor (depending on how far away from an A- I was) since his feedback on certain things were a little wishy-washy. This is truly a very upsetting day. Good thing we are going to the Bahamas on Monday and I can take my mind off of this disappointment.

On a cool note, my friend Ashley had a lingual frenectomy on Wednesday. This is where the cut/laser the little fold of tissue under your tongue that connects the tongue to the base of the mouth. She was very tongue tied. Okay, so it probably isn't cool to you, but it's pretty cool to us SLPs*.

*My bad Mel, I know how much you have my abbreviations... speech-language pathologist

Anyways, I finally uploaded some pictures from the camera to the computer. I totally forgot about so much that I hadn't blogged about (not that my life is all that interesting). So here are some pictures from the past couple of months.


Mine... of Koal dog

Molly's Birthday

Ryleigh eye-balling the cake... I just noticed that the 1 is backwards
It's my party and I'll cry if I want to
Uh, why is everyone singing?!
Cake, good!
I can't remember what she ate.

14 Weeks

Starting to grow! I guess I should have a before pic up, huh....

This was 9 weeks

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