Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby Rhodes at 13.4 Weeks

Today, our good friend Kelly was working another 12 hour shift at the hospital I will be delivering. She told us they were slow, and we could come up to see how much our baby has grown since our 10 week appointment. The baby has definitely grown!! I get worried (which I'm sure is normal) that the next time we look, the baby won't be there. Now that I'm not getting sick, it's like I'm not pregnant (other than wanting to sleep all the time, and crying over silly little things... like your husband waking you up at 9 AM after you worked 12.5 hours the night before and all you want to do is sleep 30 more minutes). We saw the heart beating away, we saw the spine, we saw some long bones, feet, and little fingers.

The pictures printed out very small, but the head is on the right, a little hand again near the face, and then the body.

For a while, "she" was being lazy and wasn't moving (again, referring to the baby as a girl to make Carl mad). Kelly kept moving the ultrasound instrument (yes... that is a technical term) and eventually she woke up and wasn't very happy. She started kicking and punching and moving all around. I asked Carl to grab my phone so we could get it on video. Of course when we got the camera out, she stopped moving. So here is a little video... you see one last punch on the right hand side, and then a little body movement.

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