Friday, July 24, 2009

About Us

Just a little about us, our life, and those in it.

I'm Tiffany and my husband is Carl. We started dating in May 2005 and were married August 16, 2008. I grew up in VB and Carl in Portsmouth (so you have to cut him a little slack). He is really into bowling and bowls in leagues, I get excited when I bowl over a 100. The only time he has seen me play soccer was when I played sand soccer, and he showed up in Jordans. His idea of flip-flips used to be Nike strap sandals (I immediately bought him a pair of Reefs and those Nikes have never been seen again). We got engaged in March of 2007 before he left for a national bowling tournament. Originally our date was set for this coming August, but moved it up because we could. :] We moved in together in May of 2007 when I graduated from college and we welcomed our furry baby, Koal, into our lives that July. We were married in August at his Nana's church (we were not happy with the Pastor there) and had our reception at The Women's Club in Portsmouth. We "honeymooned" in Williamsburg because we used our real honeymoon money as a down payment on our house we had purchased April 2008 (the one we have been remodeling in previous posts).


Koal is a crazy dog. He is mostly a good dog, but sometimes something goes wrong in his head and he becomes destructive (e.g., tearing a strip of leather off of our brand new leather couch). He loves to swim, but hates to take a bath. He has torn his cruciate ligament, but it doesn't seem to bother him. He has calmed down a lot since we first got him and he now listens to his mom (the non-discipliner).

We have 3 nieces from my sister, Mel, (Kaylee, Ryleigh, and Molly), 2 from his sister (Lexi and Carolyn), and 2 nephews from my brother (Caleb and Noah). We also have some adopted kids... Mason, from Erin and Mark (who is in the post below and who I was a nanny for when he was 2 months old up until he was 2 when my school schedule didn't give me a lot of time during the day) and Emma, from Kelly and Harry. We have a few friends expecting. Our lives are full of children, and we love it! Hopefully one day we will have our own.

Lexi (blue dress), Ryleigh, and Kaylee
Caleb and Noah
My all time favorite picture of me and Mason (this was when he wasn't even a year yet)

Miss Emma

Carl works for Advanced Technology Institute as and admissions rep. He is going to go back to school taking a few classes here and there while I'm finishing up my school. I am in grad school for speech-language pathology. I am finishing up my first off campus internship at a traumatic brain injury center. Hopefully in the fall I will be at a CHKD location. Then in May I will graduate. I am beginning to work on my thesis, so there may be some crazy up coming posts about that. I work part time at The Little Gym of Chesapeake as an instructor. I love that job.

So here we are, in 2009. About to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. Carl is finishing up the bathroom remodel. The only room left to re-do is the kitchen, which I can hopefully will be able to sand on my own. Then it is off to the outside to make the house have more "curb appeal".

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