Thursday, July 16, 2009

You Know You Are An (future) SLP when......

-You have the urge to do a fluency count on the President (I am very curious as to how dysfluent he is).

-Your friends feel self conscious talking around you in fear you are judging their speech.

-You secretly try to do therapy on your friends' children (Okay, let's pretend to be snakes. Ready? Sssssssss)

-You know the correct pronunciation of "larynx" and it really annoys you when others do not say it properly (especially your loving husband who has been taught how to say it)

-Your husband asks you, "Shouldn't he be talking more/having a bigger vocabulary/understood better/etc. by this age?"

-Your husband throws some of your vocabulary in every day conversations.

-You randomly say to a child's parent, "He/she really has some good articulation skills for his/her age."

-Your friend describes to you a cleft she saw in a newborn baby just because she knows how excited/interested you would be in it.

-Sometimes you wonder how many people actually have brain injuries and just don't know it (they lack initiative, don't seem to have a lot of control over things they say, they are not at all organized, etc.).

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