Friday, July 10, 2009

That Much Closer

I walked in for my advising appointment this morning and our director said, "Oh, I was just about to email you." I knew we were going to be getting our comps* scores back, so I was a little scared.

"Umm... is it a good or bad email?"

"Congratulations," as he sticks his hand out.

"Did I pass ALL of the sections?!" (you are allowed to not pass 2 sections and just retake them, but if you fail more than 2, you retake the whole thing).

"You passed everything."

If I spent more time at The Little Gym, I would have probably flipped in the air, but since I only work 1 day a week, I stuck to shaking his hand and telling him he made my day. All that studying paid off and that whole Friday before, Ashley and I stayed glued in the library helping each other. So keep your fingers crossed for her and the other girls who took it in June!

Now just studying for the National Exam which is at the end of this month. We do have a 99.8% passing rate and we are reminded of it all the time.

Here is a preview of what my nose was stuck in for a month:
I thought about burning it, but too much went into it! And it is so nicely organized.

Each section had a layout such as this.

And each had its own set of note cards, complete with a heading.

So much information!

At least we didn't have to have any pictures like this** on there!

*comps= comprehensive exam... sorry to confuse you Mel with all of my abbreviations, maybe you should look into getting that second degree ;-]

**They are drawings of different clefts... yes, we got these in our cleft palate class last summer.


Ashley said...

Boo to rated R cleft palate drawings!

The Swanns said...

At least I learned how to write neatly (and not second-grader like) with my ONE college degree :)

Congrats again! We all know that you're the smart one of the family. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha....