Sunday, February 5, 2012


My poor boys have been sick this weekend.  Carl and Hunter have both had a pretty bad cough and Hunter has had lots of snot.  Saturday, Carl went to the doctor to get some cough medicine and ended up being diagnosed with bronchitis.  I no longer thought Hunter had just a cold (even though the only symptoms he had were a cough and runny nose... he didn't act "sick"), so I took him to Patient First (since his pediatrician's office was closed).

The nurse took his height and weight, counted his breaths, and took his O2 levels and Hunter cooperated and sat like a big boy the entire time.  She swabbed his throat for strep just to do a full work-up.  It ended up that is what he had- strep.  No fever, no symptoms, but tested positive for strep.

So, Hunter is on some antibiotics for his strep for 10 days (again, I asked not to be prescribed PCN due to my allergy and my family history of the allergy).  It apparently does not taste very good (that was a fun first 2 rounds of that medicine), so we have been sneaking it in his milk.  I will have a three day weekend as I will be staying home with little man tomorrow.  No complaints here.

My sickies ready for Super Bowl

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