Monday, February 27, 2012

Music and Memories

I've heard a lot of people say that certain smells trigger memories for them.  There are very few smells the trigger memories for me.

But music... that triggers lots of memories for me.  I tend to relate to songs that I listen to, or I could at least imagine being able to relate to the song.  Carl and I were watching an episode of Criminal Minds and the show had mentioned something about music people listen to when they are around 13 and 14 years old tends to be the music they continue to listen to.  Now, I don't know if that is an actual fact (although, if something is on T.V. it has to be a fact), but that is pretty true for me.

Anyways, back to memories.  Spice Girls and N'Sync definitely remind me of middle school, but none trigger a specific memory.  Certain Linkin Park songs tend to remind me of high school and old boyfriends/crushes.  The ones that a person listened to while we were talking on the phone for the first time, or that described our relationship.  Other songs that remind me of high school and friends include "Breathing" by Life House, Staind songs, and Dashboard Confessionals songs.

"My Immortal" by Evanescence was the first song Carl and I ever held hands to.  I can still remember that day.  We had just played a softball game for work and were headed to Chilis to eat.  We were in his friend's truck because something was wrong with his car.  "Hanging By A Moment" by Lifehouse was the song he sang on our first date while we were putt-putting.  We were supposed to dance to "I Miss You" by Incubus at our wedding, but I gave the DJ the song "Echo" by Incubus.  I was about to type it the other way until I started to listen to the song and that is probably how I ended up mixing up the request.

When I was pregnant with Hunter, after we had discovered cysts on his brain, I couldn't stop listening to "Show Me What I'm Looking For" by Carolina Liar.  That is all I think of when I hear that song, but I absolutely love it (the song that is, not so much the stress).

When I hear "Father of Mine" I think of Carl and what a great dad he in spite of his father.  The song actually makes me sad listening to it because I can't imagine not having love and support from my dad, nor can I imagine what Carl went through.  "Now I'm a grown man/With a child of my own/And I swear that I'm not gonna let her know/All the pain I have known".

There are quite a few songs (not ones I typically listen to, like R&B songs) remind me of Katie and Stephen's wedding and all the dancing that we did.  I will pass through the station and stop to listen to it because it makes me smile.

I just love music and how you can relate to it.  Any songs that bring back memories for you?!

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