Sunday, February 26, 2012


Not too many this week since I just posted one.

I'm not sure who we purchased the iPad for, but Hunter seems to think it is for him.  While I was getting everything ready to leave the other morning, this is how I found Hunter and Koal.

It isn't often that I take a nap when Hunter does, and it is even less often that we nap in the "big bed" together.  I took a short cat nap and got snap a picture of Hunter sleeping peacefully.

I went for a hair cut Friday after work.  While I was sitting there I decided to do something a little crazy.  Not crazy enough to be really seen when my hair is down or up (because I'm not that brave), but you can see it if I do this...

Two streaks on either side.  Not the bottom layer of my hair, but in the middle so it is hidden when it is up or down.  I'm sure it will start to fade because my hair never holds color.

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