Friday, December 30, 2011

Past Few Weeks

A few weeks ago, my work PTA did Cookies With Santa.  I made sure the day the fliers went home with students I payed for a spot.  It is usually sold out early the next morning. I asked for the first time slot, so I had an IEP meeting, picked up Hunter, and came back to work early (to get a good parking spot).  Since we were so early, we went to the OT/PT room and played.  He really enjoyed the swing.

However, he did not enjoy Santa.

My little sister turned 21 on Dec. 15.  We went out to dinner to celebrate.

I tried to correct the red eye.. it probably looked better with the red eye on Mel, haha
Hanging out with Ms. Sarah

He loves sitting in the Melissa & Doug boxes

This is Hunter's favorite sippy cup.  Kelly gave us a few sippy cups to try out when we were switching over from bottles.  This just happened to be one he loved, purple top and all.  He wouldn't leave the house without it, so we went out to lunch with Ms. Sarah today with his orange and purple cup.

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