Monday, December 5, 2011

Winter Wonderland

We decided to head to Hunt Club's Winter Wonderland.  They have part of the Coleman Nursery's old display (at least that is what it looks like).  I will say it was a lot better than the collection in Portsmouth, plus we got to go to the petting farm.

We started out the day by looking at the horses.  One actually came up to the fence, but Hunter refused to pet him, even after I did.  He likes these big creatures from a far.  I still find it funny he wanted to pet the wild ones in NC but refuses to pet tame ones.

Then we visited the goats.  He pet them and then decided to brush them.  He had to brush each one and would chase them down to do so.  We also went into the chicken coup.  I really don't like going in their "house" because when you look up you see about 10 sitting in the rafters.  I just kept hoping none of the chickens needed to use the bathroom while sitting up there.

After the animals, we went into the Winter Wonderland.  The entrance is beautiful!

Hunter likes looking at anything animals.

At the end, they have a nice little sitting area with a pretty tree.  There is no way Hunter would have sat still to take a picture in front of it.

We swung back around to visit with Santa.  Hunter is very timid when it comes to strangers.  Basically, if he doesn't know you, he doesn't want anything to do with you.  His head goes down and he tries to ignore you.  At least he didn't cry!

Ummm... I'm not so sure about this guy with a fake beard

Daddy... SAVE ME!

Hunter ended his day by snuggling on the couch at MeeMaw Swann's house with a Tech blanket.

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