Monday, October 10, 2011


I use my phone as my primary camera now-a-days.  So I apologize if my iPics posts are filled with photos.  I usually don't have enough from one place to have different posts.

We were gifted this pumpkin.  Hunter loves it.  When we were walking up the porch after Carl and I had put it out there, Hunter said, "Ooooooh!"  He has to touch it every time we walk outside or inside.

Hunter has been enjoying bath time.  He loves to get on his belly and slide around saying, "Weeee!"  He, however, is no longer a fan of laying on his back to rinse out his hair.  This usually ends in a bucket of water being dumped on his head.  Little stinker.

I think it is hilarious how he crosses his legs in the car seat.  The other day he was back there like that with his drink and book.  He was just laughing as he was turning the pages. It was an entertaining car ride.

Kelly was a little over 38 weeks when I took this picture.  She has been trying her best to get that stubborn little girl to come out.  Hunter and I pulled up in front of their house (without me telling him we were going there) and he started yelling, "Muh! Muh!"  He loves his Emma.

Hunter was quite the gentleman and pushed Emma around (with a little bit of help from Emma's feet).  I think he had more fun pushing her around than he did when he was playing inside.

Just a little preview of the beach during Katie and Stephen's reception from this past Saturday.  More from the wedding to come.

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Anonymous said...

Aww. So cute. Love Hunter in the bath.