Thursday, October 27, 2011

16 Months

On October 22, Hunter turned 16 months.  Almost a year and a half!  Time sure does fly!  He is such a joy to have in our lives, even when he is being a little stinker.

Playing at the "farm"

At 16 months...
-he is throwing some temper tantrums.  And he is starting to get an attitude.  Yesterday I had to stick him in time-out twice.  He is to say he is sorry, give me a hug, and he can get up.  He is pretty stubborn (a trait I have) and will sit for a while until he apologizes.  The whole time he is sitting, I explain why he is sitting there (you hit me and that hurt so you need to take a break).  It breaks my heart because he just cries and cries with these crocodile tears, but I've been standing my ground.
-but for every "mean" moment, he has at least 10 sweet moments.  He is just so lovable and finds everything funny.  We know exactly how to make him laugh.  He is also curious.
-loves stacking and knocking things over.  Putting things in and dumping them out.  He could do that for hours (that might be a little exaggeration).  He is still loving animals.
-he has moved up to size 5 diapers and has outgrown some of his 18 month clothes.  It was probably a bad idea to buy him 18 month winter clothes near the middle of summer.
-is saying soo many words.  Following along nicely with his language and intelligibility milestones/guidelines.  His receptive language is great.  He is following two-step directions.
-has 16 teeth... it is just crazy to see all of those teeth in there!
-can almost do a forward roll by himself, he flops forward-sideways (if you understand that).  He is also kicking one leg up doing a donkey kick (a lead up to a handstand, but typically with two feet coming up) while saying, "Eeh Haa!"  Love it.
-is saying more two word phrases.  Tonight when we were rocking in his chair, he sat up and said, "Dada eat."  I asked, "Daddy went to go eat?" and he said, "Yeah."  It was so funny.  Agent-action phrase for all my SLP friends!  Woohoo!
-he loves going outside and play.  He always has to pick up two rocks (one for each hand) as we are walking around.  He usually tries to hold lots in his chubby hands.  It cracks me up watching him try to fit just one more rock in his hand.
-he copies us, knows his routine (we get in the car after Mrs. Cathy's and he says "nack... juice!"), and loves his friends (he loves to say their names and Mrs. Cathy (Cah!)!  He is finally responding to people on the phone by saying hi and bye rather than waving.

I could go on and on about this little guy.  If you want to see more pictures from our day at the farm (aka Brown Wren Acres) you can go to Ashley's blog.

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