Friday, October 28, 2011


So, my software update ate my photos (probably something I did wrong), so these are almost a week late.  I figure I won't have just one iPics post this coming week because we have a ton of Halloween related things to do this weekend (but don't worry, they will be titled different things).  Here are the photos I've taken since the software update.

We headed to the park this past weekend and brought Koal along.  Hunter thought it was so funny watching Koal go down the slides.  He also had lots of fun climbing, sliding, running, etc.

And we visited this sweet little girl (oh, and her mommy, daddy, and sister). 

We practice good oral hygiene in our house and we also multitask.

Good thing he hasn't figured out the correct remote yet.  I'm in trouble.

Enjoying a slurpee

Checking out the giraffes

Hunter decided to get in the toy box when we were at the doctors.  This was not a visit for him, haha.

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