Wednesday, March 10, 2010

26 Weeks

As of today, Hunter has a 90% chance of survival outside of the womb. Why do I know this and why would I even post such a strange thing on the blog? I know that number from class (probably wasn't the smartest idea saving Language Development and Disorders as the class to take while pregnant) and because it is just so exciting! What a huge milestone! At 24 weeks, Hunter only had a 50% chance of survival outside the womb and at 22 weeks, he only had a 10% chance. It is amazing what 2 weeks will do! Even with such a high percentage of survival, it doesn't come without a pretty significant risk of issues (it's 20% of those babies born at 26 weeks have some sort of serious handicap). With all of that being said... Hunter can stay in and cook for a whole lot longer (just no longer than 40 weeks, please). :] You may also call me a nerd for knowing all of these statistics without having to look them up.

26 weeks
My belly button is gone. We aren't sure why there is that white line down my belly.

Hunter is moving like crazy! You can see my belly move with every kick and punch. You can feel his little elbow or knee come across my stomach when he moves a certain way. At this point, I still can't differentiate between a kick and a punch. I'm not even sure how he is laying. He had been breech, but it seems to me like he is now transverse (sideways). I tried to hint at my midwife for another ultrasound when I went 2 weeks ago, but she said we would check again at 36 weeks to see how he was positioned (and then I thought to myself, "You are a crazy woman if you think I'm waiting until 36 weeks to see a picture of my baby."). I go back next Friday for the fun glucose test. I've heard such great things about that yummy sugary goodness you have to drink. As long as I don't have to go back for the 3 hour test I'm good. I don't think I could handle a blood draw once every hour for 3 hours.

Carl and I like to say that Hunter is going to be "well loved" rather than "spoiled". He has a ton of stuff already from his aunts (including those not blood related). Carl and I went to Babies R Us and picked out his coming home outfit. I'm sure he will be swimming in it (as it is 0-3 months rather than newborn), but he will look handsome in it.

With the nursery being finished (in terms of the big stuff.. not all the wall decor), Carl and I have been patiently waiting for Hunter to arrive. To help us have a visual, we decided to make a chain link. Let's just say, fully stretched out, it was very overwhelming to see. But Carl taped it to Hunter's wall in a way that it doesn't look so bad. Each night, we both go and cut off one link. I've been trying to also sit in the glider and read Hunter a story. I'm very aware that he hears like we hear under water, but it is more of a bonding experience for me. And he seems to like it (especially The Very Grouchy Lady Bug... is he trying to tell me something?).

The chain
My favorite spot in his room :] Carl loves this shirt "Daddy got a hole in one"

I take my last ever final on May 3rd. I can't wait! I will be finished collecting data for my thesis this Friday (as long as no one gets sick... including myself.. the stomach bug has been going around work). So it will be on to writing the last 2 chapters (which I hear are the easiest since it is your results section). I can't wait to have this bad boy completed.

I went and shadowed my thesis advisor at her school on Monday. I plan to go back a few more days to see the different things she does. I really enjoyed it; it was very fast paced and she did a lot of in class therapy. I'm pretty sure I will be doing my clinical fellowship in the schools. That will be an amazing day when I start to get paid for doing therapy! Although, I'm not sure I know how to be anything other than a student. I have been a student for the majority of my life.

Just because he has been neglected on the blog :] He was probably doing something he wasn't suppose to be doing, hence the "look" (please disregard the background mess... we are re-remodeling the bathroom floors so all the construction stuff gets put into this room).

And he's been neglected as well. He says this is his favorite because you can't see his face.

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