Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Warning: Political Mixed With Crazy Hormones

My husband, knowing how much I love keeping up with the health care debate and actually government in generally these days, pulled up this video link for me yesterday. I posted it on Facebook, but I figure it is worthy of being on the blog.

*I'm not sure if the video is still there, I tried to view it this morning, and it was only the transcription of it, but you will still get the idea.*

Nancy Pelosi, you fail. The point of our government is to represent THE PEOPLE. If we don't know what is in a bill, why in the world would we want you to pass it? When Massachusetts went Republican after a billion years of being Democratic, that should have been a sign. I might add, Massachusetts was the first state to mandate health insurance for all of its citizens. Even with that law, the majority of people in Massachusetts are apparently against the health care reform.

Do I think that the health care system could use some work? Yes. Do I think it should be government run? No. It has not worked out in the past.

Which leads me to my next government issue. How is it that we are affording this crazy light rail system (really, is it going to be decreasing traffic? Negative.) and yet, we are cutting money for education? Apparently, priorities are not in the right spot (or someone has their foot is in another person's pocket). Either way, it is ridiculous. If we can't educate our children, how are they ever going to help fix the problems in our nation? I was told that Norfolk has cut out all its before school breakfast programs. Now some of those children will not eat anything between dinner the night before and lunch. Learning in young children is optimal in the morning (research shows) which is why most "harder" subjects are taught in the morning. If these kids don't have food in their bellies, how can we expect them to concentrate?

This is why you need to call/e-mail your representatives and express your opinions. After all, they are suppose to be there to represent US, not the company that is making money off of the light rail system.

Can I just say that these pregnancy hormones have created a monster? I usually keep my opinions about comments on newspaper articles to myself. I just couldn't today. I even registered for an account with pilotonline just so I could comment on this guy's comment:

"Times are tuff. I think we will be fine with these cuts. I would really like to see some money back in my pocket some time soon though .. I dont understand is the Car Tax is used for the roads .. why i pay more for my 65k BMW them somone with a $500 truck dragging a chain off the back of it ... ? does my car hurt the roads more ?"

"Your spelling and grammar make it apparent why these cuts are NOT GOOD. Our education system suffers from these cuts while we build a light rail system that goes no where. Maybe if the government made education a priority, children wouldn't end up spelling "tough" t-u-f-f. And if you can afford a 65K BMW, you don't need more money in your pocket, probably better budget priorities."
What has gotten into me?!

I'm off my soapbox now. Sorry for another post without pictures.

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