Friday, March 12, 2010


Some noted observations during pregnancy:

-Pregnancy brain. Seriously, where did my brain go? I lose my cell phone multiple times during the day, in my house!! Usually on my bed. We don't have a house phone, so I have to email Carl to call my cell phone so I can find it. I may or may not have also tried to lock the front door (after I had already locked it with the keys) with my car door button. Carl asked how that worked out for me.

-When wearing fitted shirts and sitting in waiting rooms (not waiting for my midwife), sometimes people look at you like you are Sigourney Weaver. No, there isn't an alien in my stomach. I am pregnant and there is a baby who is squished in there.

-The belly either gets in the way or can be a nice resting place for things (I should say kids). I somehow run into door knobs or take corners too sharply for the belly. Kids in class like to use it as a pillow or a back rest or another thing to grasp to try to climb up into my arms.

-Other women band around you when they feel someone is being insensitive. Example, my husband, posted a very funny status on facebook.

Carl Rhodes

My wife's belly is growing at an alarming rate. If anyone see's her out and about do not comment on the subject. She is very sensitive. She keeps talking to it and calling it by a name. If that wasn't strange enough, she tells me to put my hand on it and fell it kick. BELLIES DON'T KICK! If anyone has any advice to help me through this most traumatic and strange situation it would be greatly appreciated
Well, you certainly look at this experience in an odd way. This is supposed to be a wonderful time for both of you. I bet your wife looks radiant and you make sure to tell her that everyday. No bellies don't kick but that little bundle of joy she is carrying sure does. She probably wants to share what she is going through with you. Be patient, loving, and give her anything she needs! Be supportive. (Nope, Carl, this not about you, sorry. It is about her and the baby.) Pretty soon you are going to need a lot more advice on a slew of things. Hang in there!!
Mike's advice: "Humor her" tell her things like "pregnancy is becoming on you" "You are beautiful!", my advice, that is your child get over it and love on it. He will never know who you are if you don't talk to him now!!! lol
For the record, he posted it as a joke. I found it hilarious. He is the most excited male you will ever meet about having a baby.

-As I greet people coming into work, they always look me in the face to say hi, but then look down at my belly. At least it doesn't just look like I ate too many cupcakes now.

-People you don't really know will ask you inappropriate questions. "So, was it planned?"... "You are going to do it naturally, right?" I'm married, does it matter if it was planned? But if you must know, yes, it was planned. I will have a birth that is best for my child and if that happens to be a C-section, then that is what I will have.

I'm sure there are more observations I have made, but pregnancy brain and all.

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