Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hunter's 4!

Partying it up at The Orb

It's hard to believe that I have been a mommy to this sweet boy for 4 years.  He can push all my buttons and turn around and make my heart melt.  He is inquisitive and wants to know why and how everything works.  He likes to learn all he can about what he is interested in (currently that would be dinosaurs).  I had no idea that I would know so much about and so many names of dinosaurs.  He is an amazing big brother.  Today, he was holding Gavin's hand in the car and was singing a song.  He said, "Mommy, I sang that song so Gavin would go to sleep.  And it worked."  So sweet.

He is currently going through what I hope is another phase.  It seems that every new birthday brings a new hurdle for us to over come.  It is attitude this year.  He is slowly decreasing the amount of times he says, "NO!" (in this high pitch, mean voice) due to immediate time outs and as of tonight, toys being removed from his room.  This too shall pass (quickly, I hope!).
Spring program at school

Hunter is writing his name and is now learning the proper way to write it (first letter is a capital, the rest are lower case).  The lower case "e" is tricky.  He is also writing his last name.  He loves to count and make patterns.  He has a math mind like Carl.

Books are another one of his favorite things.  He loves us to read to him and to "read" the books back to us.  He loves his dinosaur toys.  His imagination just amazes me.

He continues to do The Little Gym.  In the fall he will attend the sports skills class and likely participate in other sports outside of TLG.  We would like to introduce him to t-ball, soccer, basketball, and other sports and let him decide which one he likes best.  I'm secretly hoping that it's soccer, but we will see.

He can be very social, but also likes to have his alone time.  He will play with his friends, but then needs to take a break and play by himself.  He really has a thing for blonde girls.  I love hearing about who he has played with at school and what they did.

Gross motor wise, he is running, pedaling a bike, kicking and throwing balls.  He has become very proficient at driving his tractor that Cubbie bought him for his 2nd birthday.  He will drive that around outside until the battery dies.

At his well check, he was 35 pounds (40%ile) and 40 inches (40%ile).  Still is a picky eater (working on it).  Didn't cry for any of his 3 shots!

I did an interview with him and plan to do this yearly.

Favorite color: Red
Favorite toy: Buzz Lightyear and Dinosaurs
Favorite Fruit: Grapes
Favorite T.V. show: Dinosaur King (it's actually a movie)
Favorite thing to eat for lunch: Peanut Butter and Jelly
Favorite game: Dinosaur matching
Favorite snack: Apples
Favorite animal: Lion
Favorite book: My new dinosaur books
Favorite song: The ones I think about in my head and then just sing them
Best friend: Emma
Favorite thing to do outside: Throw balls
Favorite drink: Orange juice
Favorite holiday: Christmas
Favorite thing to take to bed at night: My lovey
Favorite thing to eat for breakfast: Bananas, I have one every morning!
What do you want to be when you grow up: A paleontologist
Favorite thing to do inside: Play with games, play with you (mommy), play games with you

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