Monday, July 21, 2014

Gavin's 5 months old... a few days late

Time is flying by, while at the same time, standing still.  Anyone else know what I mean?!

Gavin is 17 pounds, 14 ounces as of last Thursday.  We had to go for a weight check to adjust his reflux medicine.  Such a chunky monkey!  That's why I've nicknamed him chunkamunk.

When placed in the sitting position, he can hold himself up for at least 5 seconds, and the most being about 30 seconds.  He really wants to be sitting up and doesn't like you to lay him down on your lap when so much is going on around him.

He will continue to roll side-to-side, but will not roll over.  He has done it (both belly to back and back to belly), so I know he can do it.  Apparently his side and his back are perfectly good positions for him.  He is now sleeping (knock on wood) flat on his back in his crib.  He was having some tummy issues tonight, so I'm hoping he will continue to be fine tonight on his back.  Reflux is so tricky!

His first tooth came through this month!  It is a sharp little thing!  It feels like the other lower, central incisor his about to come through.  He was a very fussy teether, so I broke down and purchased an amber necklace.  I never believed that it actually did anything, but figured it couldn't hurt!  I don't know if it actually does, or if he just isn't in pain with his teeth, but he really hasn't been fussy.  I take it off at night (his ankles are too chunky to wrap it around them), then put it back on in the morning.
You can see his little tooth (bottom right of the picture)

He continues to love The Little Gym class.  He loves watching the other kids and listening to Miss Sarah talk.  As she does opening circle, he just smiles at her!  It is so super cute.  My boys have always loved their Miss Sarah.

Hunter continues to be Gavin's favorite person by far!  Hunter can just look at him and Gavin giggles.  Carl is second and I'm third.  Unless it is snuggle time, then I'm the favorite.
He started in the middle of the play mat

His eczema continues to be pretty bad.  I've made an appointment with a dermatologist, but it isn't until the end of August.  I've now started putting Vaseline mixed with Cerave lotion on him.  The mixture doesn't seem to burn him like plain lotion, and it has improved his skin some.  I just want to find the root of the cause.  I'd prefer to avoid medicines or creams since those can break down his skin (and it is all over his body).

I started making a little bit of baby food to have him play with and taste.  So far, he is not a fan.  I'm in no rush, so I'm not going to push it.  I really just did it to introduce the taste and to see if he was ready.  The positive is he has minimal tongue thrusting.  So once he is really ready, he will be good to go.

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