Monday, June 16, 2014

Gavin at 4 Months

I'm pretty sure I say this with each new month, but how in the world did we get to 4 months?!  Most days it seems like it is flying by.

Gavin has seemed to have turned a corner with his temperament.  He's been in such a great mood lately, chatty, smiling, not needing to be held a lot (I still hold him every chance I get because I know all too well this stage is going to be gone in a blink of an eye!).  Last night was a little hard for him (and mommy and daddy).  He didn't poop much so it came back to haunt him last night.  Poor buddy was so uncomfortable.  Finally at 6:00 this morning he got it all out and was super happy.

We started reflux medicine again.  I know in his last month update it said we had it under control without medicine.  Probably about a week or two later he was struggling and in so much pain.  After the first dose or two back on, he's been a new kid.  He sometimes spits up and you can sometimes hear it come up and go back down (silent reflux), but it no longer hurts him when it happens.

Still eating mostly 4 ounce bottles.  Occasionally he will eat 5 or 6.  Still every 3 hours (sometimes 2 1/2).  He will give one 4-5 hour stretch at night.  Last week he actually slept through the night one night!  I was totally amazed!

He rolled from his belly to his back on Saturday for the first time.  I put him down on his belly and he immediately rolled to his back.  He said, "No way!"  He still hasn't rolled back to front.  He rolls on his side and seems to be very content there, chatting with whatever is over there at that given time.  He is also holding his head up really well on his belly and when we hold him in our lap/on our hip/in the sling.  He appears to enjoy the sling a little more than the Ergo, but I think it's because he can see things so much better in the sling.  Once he is a little bigger and can see over the straps of the Ergo on the hip carry I think he will like it again.

He is tolerating sitting in the Bumbo for longer periods of time.  I need to get a high chair for him so he can be a little more supported with straps.  Once he is sitting nicely and not having to concentrate so much on trunk control, we will introduce solids.  It will be more around 5-6 months.  Given his digestive issues, I want to make sure his GI system is a little more mature and can handle foods.  We will start with avocado.  Yummy!  I can't wait to see his face! haha

His eczema is still bad, but seems to not be getting worse.  I've been trying to give him more frequent baths and use the baby brush to exfoliate his head and skin.  Then I lather him up with the lotion recommended by his pediatrician.

I don't know his official stats yet.  When we went for his reflux medicine a few weeks ago, he weighed 15 pounds.  Such a chunk!  I take both boys next week for their well visits so I will know officially then.

He had his first visit to the aquarium and the beach this weekend.  He loved looking at the fish!  He did not like putting his feet in the water.  He lifted those feet so fast.  Then, when I tried to put them back in, he cried.  Mean, mean mommy!


Veronica Kaack said...

Try using a gluten free body wash and lotion. Works wonders for bri. She does have celiacs so she is on a total gluten free diet but her skin never gets dry or rough with the wash I use for her. Its more expensive but it lasts forever. Gavin is growing soo fast! Sucb a sweet update!

Veronica Kaack said...

She has not had a flare up from her eczema since last november.