Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Last week was spring break.  It was so nice to not have to work and be able to spend so much time with Hunter.  We did something almost every day.  Only 9 more weeks (41 days of kids) until summer... but who's counting?!

Some days, Hunter is obsessed with his hats.  For example, today (the actual today, not the day this was taken) after his bath, he saw his giraffe hat and insisted on wearing it the rest of the night.  The picture above was from a day he told me, "No." to all of his clothes, except his diaper (well, that wasn't really an option) and his monster hat.

I may just spoil this child rotten.  I took him to Target to try to find a pillow case (apparently places don't just sell kid pillow cases?!), but instead ended up buying two dinosaurs.  They were cheaper than the dinosaur night-light he wanted and I had promised him dinosaurs (thinking they sold the pillow case separately).  It was $7 well spent because he has been sleeping with them every night.

Over spring break, we met up with Nichole and her daughter S at the aquarium.  She had fallen down, so Hunter copied her.  She came over to help him up.

Another aquarium day.  I just loved how Hunter was resting his chin on Carl's head.

Just call us rednecks.  We took the ball pit (minus the balls) and filled it with water in the front yard and called it a pool.  Hunter loved it.

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