Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Color Me Rad

Sorry I've been MIA.  Just haven't felt like blogging and there really hasn't been too much going on.

Last Sunday I ran my first 5K.  It was so much fun and I felt so good after finishing.  The weeks leading up to the race when I was running 3 miles I felt so sick after and I was so worried I was going to get sick at the finish line.  Total opposite.  I felt like I could run it again!

They had a nice course out in VB through the woods on a mud dirt path.  It wasn't very well organized; our part group was to start at 9:10, but we didn't start until sometime after 10.  Traffic and parking was a nightmare.  Carl and I were smart and parked at my parents' house and rode our bikes to where the race was.

My friend had created a team called "Spare Parts" and I joined her team.  Next year we hope to have more team members.  I told Carl we will cover up the front of Hunter's jogger (Carl would push him of course) and we would both be able to run the race.

Here are some fun pictures (some I got off of this website... they are not my photos, nor did I take them) from the race.

And this is how you finish the race.  You get your color packet, they have a count down, you throw your color!  AWESOME!  I was sneezing blue for the rest of the day.

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