Friday, March 30, 2012


Lots went on that I actually documented on my phone this week.  Sorry if it is picture over load!

Since Carl is working later now (because of school... which he is doing AMAZING in!) and Kelly's husband was out of town, we had a pizza dinner date.  The kids got to play and actually took a bath together.  Hunter seemed to enjoy it and so did Emma.  Hunter also made sure to check on "day-dee" Alyssa in her swing.


He is really into holding onto his golf club in the car.  This day he actually fell asleep with it.

One of Hunter's cousins (Ryleigh) stayed with us Friday night.  He loved having a playmate around the house.  He followed her around all day.  He was very sad when "yi-yi" left the next afternoon.  I was watching videos of them after she had left and he came running over to me, "Yi-yi!! Yi-yi!!"  We might have to give him a little brother or sister soon, haha.

Taking coins out and putting them back into the piggy bank Aunt Ashley gave him for Christmas.  He loves his "pig" and always asks to play with it.

When I come home from work, I like to change into comfy pants if I know we won't be going outside or any other place.  Hunter had pink eye, so I knew we weren't going anywhere (yes, that's right, we have now had strep, parainfluenza, croup, and pink eye all within the last month and a half... my sick days are starting to dwindle away at work, haha).  Whenever I wear my sweat pants, Hunter finds the string and pulls me around the house.  It is too funny.

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