Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Fun

Once Hunter was feeling better, we decided to get out of the house!  We went to the aquarium and took my oldest niece with us.  Hunter loved having "Key-Key" around even if he wouldn't share his goldfish with her (he eventually did).  I love the new set-up at the aquarium.  It is much more kid friendly, with most things right at eye-level for the smallest kids.

Looking at the crocodiles (or croc-uhs as Hunter calls them).
High-fiving the sea turtle

Looking for shells

We stopped in the crazy cat lady's Mel's house to visit with her million 3 cats.  Hunter had never been up close with a kitty, but loves watching the neighborhood cats outside (and gets pretty angry when they run away from him, back into the woods).  He did not want to let poor Mia go.  He proceeded to chase her around the house.  Luckily, these cats are used to torture, haha.

We also went to the zoo.  It was a gorgeous day on Sunday!  We took Hunter's "bike" with us and he rode around on it for a little while.  It was about 2 hours to closing time when we got there, so the animals were pacing in front of the doors to go in for the night. They must have been thrown off by day-light-savings time.

That sign to the left?  It reads, "For your safety, please do not climb on the bars."  Parents of the year!

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