Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fun Activities

I've been trying to do some different things with Hunter lately.  We move around his toys between his room and the living room to make things seem "new" without having to buy him things.  He also loves to play on the iPad (we hide it from him because if he sees it that is all he wants to do).

So, to work on some fine motor skills, I bought some of those hard, uncooked beans.  Of course, I didn't have a clear container, so I improvised.  We have tons of empty baby wipe boxes, so I took the top off of one and made it into a container.  Perfect.  Hunter didn't even seem to notice.

By the time I had thought to break out my phone to take pictures, he was offer scooping beans from one bucket to the other.

I got some sensory play in there too.  Putting his feet in and covering them up.  Moving his feet all around the beans.  Putting his hands in and covering them up.

I'm still finding beans in his room!  I need to do a good vacuum to collect any others I may have missed.

Putting "just one" in at a time.  You can make any activity language rich!

Another thing we did was a counting activity.  I drew the number and then the amount of circles.  We then put one fish in each circle.  It took him a while to understand what my expectations, but after he understood, he was able to do it.


Brittney said...

He is so cute! I just pulled that same Lions shirt out of my attic - it was Wyatt's, and now it's out for Hudson to wear! Let me know if you have some free time over spring break and want to get Hunter and Hudson together - he's much more fun now than he was last summer!

Tiffany said...

We would love to get together! I have two plans over spring break: Go to Busch Gardens one day and paint the rest of the kitchen during one of Hunter's nap. The rest of the break will be spent doing lots of things with friends!