Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Strawberry Picking, etc., etc.

Lots of stuff wrapped in one post.

On Sunday, Carl, Hunter, and I headed off to go strawberry picking.  We planned on going there and then swim at the Y.  Little did I know that the strawberry place didn't open until noon and the Y didn't open until 11.  So we went to the park, then the Y, then strawberry picking.

Later that day we went bowling with Kelly, Harry, and Emma.  It was Hunter's and Emma's first time bowling (well, Hunter didn't really bowl).  Hunter enjoyed dancing to the music.

Sorry about the booty shots!

Hunter and I went to the park on Monday.  I was able to snag this photo of what he did in the swing before it started to rain.  And the picture below it is what Hunter does in his room within a minute of being in there.  And that was just in front of the bookcase...

We had a crazy storm blow through this afternoon.  I made it in the door about 5 second before the hurricane winds started.  I let Koal out back about an hour later and found this. We didn't even hear it!

Carl has been wanted to take that tree down for a while.  It was between our fence and the fence behind us (so it knocked some of it down... and we just took the whole fence down knowing we had to replace it).  So much to do to this little house before we can sell it... I feel like Carl we have done so much already to it.  My project this summer is our kitchen.  I've had paint swatches up for months so that I know exactly what the color is going to look like (instead of the Crayola crayon colors that are in there now).


Sarah said...

Wow. That is crazy about that wind. Looks like fun strawberry picking.

Katherine said...

I just caught up reading your posts and Hunter is TOTALLY adorable!! He is getting his little boy face and I LOVE his "new smile"!! I hope we see you this week-end!! I love you all!!