Saturday, May 21, 2011

Irrational Fears and OCD

Ever since Hunter was born, I have developed some irrational fears and some OCD.  Carl thinks I am crazy.  I have even planned out what to do if these things do happen.

1) Hunter's room is going to catch fire.  I plan on throwing our comforter over my head and body and running in there, rescuing him, and running back out.  I'm sure I will have to have my feet amputated from the burns, but at least my child will be safe.

2) My car is going to go over the High Rise Bridge into the water.  Luckily, I rarely take the interstate.  But I think I have mini anxiety attacks every time I go over that bridge!  I have a pair of scissors in my car so I can cut myself and Hunter out of the seats.  I have to get one of those LifeHammers.  Although, Mel reminded me that once I shatter the glass I have to wait for the water to rush in.  I'm having a panic attack right just thinking about that.  I also want to stock Carl's truck with these items since he goes over it twice a day two and from work.

3) This image runs through my head of Hunter climbing up his crib rails and falling head first onto the floor.  That is why he no longer has his bumper in his crib.  We have been working on him getting down from things the correct way (we do lots of that at The Little Gym).  Get to the edge, turn around, come down feet first.

4) Recently I have been worried that I am not going to take him to Mrs. Cathy's house and I will leave him in the car the whole time I'm at work.  Rationally, I know this wouldn't happen.  If I didn't show up at Cathy's house she would a) call my cell phone... when I didn't pick up she would b) call my work or call Carl who would then call my cell phone and then my work.  Irrationally, I still think it might happen.

I'm also a lot little OCD (Carl is rolling his eyes at "little").  Apparently there is medicine for this?!  I think I am functioning just fine for every day life.

1) I have to be the one who locks the door (or at least checks the door after it has been locked).  Even if I watch Carl lock the locks and push on the door, I still have to go and check the locks.  I will not sleep if I don't do this.

2) Boogers... if I see it in Hunter's nose, I have to get it out.  Same goes with a little piece of earwax (don't worry, I know better than to go fishing for it with a Q-tip... if I can't get it with my fingernails, then it just stays put... seriously), an eye booger, etc.

3) The closet doors and the bathroom door in our bedroom have to be shut.  It creeps me out when they are open at night.

Do you think I'm crazy now?!  I probably am.  Things could be worse, though.  I could be into things that are not good for my health or things that are illegal.  Instead, I will prepare for unlikely (knock on wood) things to occur.  But, if you ever ride with me in my car and we go over the High Rise (or any other water bridge for that matter) into the water, you will be thankful that I have prepared for such a scenario.

I can't have a post without a picture.  This was from our member party at The Little Gym last night.  I got to be co-host and designated chatter.  I even got a sweet shirt to wear.  Hunter got a cute shirt that he wore today since we enrolled for the new 40 weeks semester.  We will actually get to move up to the Beast class in January!  We have been in the Birds class since he was 3 months (there wasn't a Bugs class on Saturdays).

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Sarah said...

I go through some similar things as you go through. It is hard being a momma.