Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hunter had his first trip to the zoo last weekend. Every animal on 4 legs was a "Daw"! (dog). He loved watching the animals, especially the giraffe (which he did not call a dog, apparently a dog cannot be that big!). Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures. I forgot my camera... FAIL.

I also got Hunter a fish, who we named Fish (clever, huh?). Fish is a bright red, Beta and lives in a decent size tank (you can divide it and have 2 Betas, but it doesn't seem like the fish would have enough room to swim). Hunter waves to Fish every time we walk in his room, he yells at Fish when he wakes up and sees him, and he loves to try to touch his tank (which I don't allow because I do not want him to tip over the tank or bang on the tank).

Hunter also recently got his first goose egg. I didn't see the tumble, but it didn't sound too bad. He was either in a sitting position or a crawling position and feel onto our hardwood floor. He cried, I comforted him. I put him back down and he continued to play. Later that night is when I noticed a red bump. Poor guy. First of many!
I tried to take the picture without the flash, a little grainy, but you can see the red bump over his left eye (it isn't black and blue like this picture makes it look)
He doesn't sit still to get a centered picture

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Anonymous said...

Awww. Poor guy! Glad he didn't get hurt too badly.