Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Gift for Cubbie

Today is my dad's birthday (who the grandkids call Cubbie).  Luckily, I don't have to worry that he will see my blog before he receives this tomorrow (maybe one day he will learn how to navigate to my blog... although I am impressed with his internet skills).

His gift started at Mrs. Cathy's house.  She made this cute certificate with Hunter to give to Cubbie.

Since she gave it to me in a folder, I decided to let Hunter finger paint it.  I'm glad they make all the kid stuff non-toxic because Hunter decided to taste the paint.  Not just once, but 3 times (the look on his face after the first taste was priceless, I'm not exactly sure why he tried two more times).  Let me note, I did stop him the next two times before he could get his hand in his mouth (and I did pull his hand out of his mouth and wiped it as soon as I realized what he was doing).

He was very excited to start the project.

The finished product:

Hunter had a great time finger painting.  We will have to do this more.


The Swanns said...

My nephew is sooo stinkin' cute. Dad is going to love his gift(s)!

Our Baby "D" said...

That is so neat! Glad Hunter liked it :) Greyson has just screamed when I've done his hand prints in the past...guess I'll have to try to actually let him play next time!