Sunday, March 20, 2011

Exploring and Dental Hygiene

Hunter is all over the place.  He still isn't as quick as his friends at The Little Gym, but he still ends up on the other side of the room if you turn your back for just a second.  He is excellent at doing trying to play with things he isn't suppose to and fit under things that a baby shouldn't go under (like his exersaucer).  He also loves to look out the front door with Koal (please excuse the dog nose prints all over the door).

This is Carl's toothbrush.  If Hunter even catches a small glimpse of Carl brushing his teeth he whines and tries to get to the toothbrush until Carl gives it to him.  He then enjoys laying on the bed chewing on it.  He isn't too happy about giving it back.

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Sarah Halstead said...

Ha ha. Too funny. Love his jammies!